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1) Diabolica
2) Funkilepsy
3) F.L.A.C.S
4) Devil Drives


released March 28, 2014

Artwork by BAMBOOKID and Sam Moss
Recorded at Greenmount Studios
Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths Leeds, UK

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Track Name: Diabolica
I’ve been feeling low, yeah I've been feeling blue. You got me so I don't know what to do.
You've got me feeling low, you got me feeling blue. Yeah its a real fucking drag hanging round with you.
Everyday sad face head down looking like you've got a bad taste in your mouth
You throw fits, spit your bit, sourpuss in leather boots you've always got your claws out...

And if the devil had a daughter yeah you know just what he'd call her, woman of mine, woman of mine.. and if the devil had a daughter, we both know what he'd call her.

Snow queen, you've got me hooked on codeine, novocaine and cocaine just to numb the pain.
Like a bad dream, I wake up screaming and you are still sleeping next to me.
Prick tease, you get undressed and then you leave and throw a wink at me as you walk out the door.
Like a sex slave, I’m subject to your power plays, your body is currency and I ain't got no change.
( Diabolica )
Track Name: Funkilepsy
So what is this if not another quick fix? Another funky-junkie hit designed to make you hips twist, another slick pitch designed explicitly to get the spit dripping from your lips like blood gushing from a slit wrist.

We'll get you hot steppin, we're James Brown reppin, we'll get you agitating, your body gyrating. We don't do belly-flopping, just pull off show stoppin, crazy maneuver droppin and hook and sling p-p-p-poppin.

School's in, class be seated. I'll be your teacher for today and I've already stated. We'll be learning how to shake it like we're breakin into fits.. and no, your momma's note won't get you out of this. We're going to learn to pop and drop if it takes all fucking day and for convulsions like that little Joey gets an A.

Step 1: Lean into your right arm, feel the spasm gather as the power starts to take form. Step 2: Take this trick and flip it. Then run with both and rip it, it won't take long to catch on. Step 3: Feel the rhythm in your knees surging electricity - give in to elasticity.. and finally - Step 4: Know the meaning of a pause like - everybody stop - to pop and drop.
Track Name: F.L.A.C.S

Self-Conscious man enters the room, deconstructs himself and with an air of gloom, he picks at the pieces like nuts at a bar. No-one really wants them but someones gotta have em.

Self-conscious man glances around, composes himself and with his dinner held down tries to mingle with the crowd but in a voice too loud, barks out 'Nice to meet ya!' to no-one in particular.

Self-conscious man prefers illusion as the truth won't do anything except confuse him. He's always thinking, never doing and when the sun shines on him you can see right through him.
Track Name: Devil Drives
Whats a girl like you.. doing in this nice place?
I really like your hair.. shame about your face.
You're kinda beautiful yet rotten, the kind of beauty easily forgotten.
I'm not usually this cruel but you seem like my kind of intelligent fool
..and i need a kiss to stay alive. Needs must when the Devil drives..

Cos Oh My! Is this the devil's work?
Cos this fire feels like the devils work
and now I know the lesson I ain't learned
I've been playing with fire but I ain't never been burned

Few sips of gin and I'll be seeing things
like smoke rising from the guitar strings
A demon needs a dance or so he says
Manipulate me in so many ways
To old habits we return - some people just never learn.
I need a kiss to stay alive and needs must when the devil drives

Good intentions make good paving stones
Scorched flesh on blackened bones
Its nothing personal, just purely business
Empty promises with empty kisses
Is that a soul I see behind those eyes?
A flash of red light hides a cheap disguise
I need a soul to stay alive and needs must when the devils drives.

But now the big boss wants what the big boss wants and.. oh my!